Dear Tina, Ian, Nathan and all those who have taken such good care of our home these last 6 years - Tony and I want to sincerely thank you!!!
You have gone above and beyond expectations for us addressing repair issues, purchasing appliances when needed, and quickly finding tenants who always paid on time.
The house looked great when we took possession and we look forward to joining the Sedona community later this year.

Warmest regards and many thanks,
Anne & Tony

I have owned a property in Sedona since 1997. Sedona needed a professional Residential Rental Property Management Company and Tina Nelson filled the need in the community! Tina and her team are true professionals and I have found them to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile! It has been a joy to work with Tina, she is a take charge person whose is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits! She is an asset to the marketing efforts of the property and has brought us peace of mind regarding our real estate investment.

I would highly recommend Tina and her firm to handle all real estate property management needs! Her commitment to detail and leadership will ensure that your property is well maintained and your real estate investment obtains you the maximum possible income. Kitty B., Owner


Over the last 4 years, I have rented from Sedona Elite Properties three separate times under different conditions: twice for fully furnished 3-month vacation rental and most recently as an unfurnished long term rental (over 2 years). Each time, both the process of finding the right property for what I need and the subsequent management once I was in property was stellar. The entire process was tremendously smooth and painless. Tina Nelson and her staff are exceptionally professional and make every effort to be as responsive as possible,work to negotiate with the owner for any repairs that owner may be reluctant to fund but should really be addressed and do everything they can to ensure needs are addressed on both sides (owner/tenant). Having the perspective of both sides (I also own a home in another state that is currently a rental property so understand the need for good property management from owner perspective), I would gladly enlist Tina's help to manage my own property as well use her as a first stop for seeking a place to rent for myself. Rita R., Tenant

I have been working with Tina Nelson from Sedona Elite Properties for over half a decade. She has successfully kept my property there rented. Her respectful and yet firm and fair approach is necessary, particularly in that transient locale. If you are reasonable in your expectations as either a tenant or a landlord, she is the property manager for you. I went through a few before her, and none were as professional. Pat R., Owner

I had the extreme pleasure to work with Tina Nelson a little over a year ago, while planning a permanent move to Sedona from Olympia, Washington. I contacted Tina six months prior to the move and she totally guided my family through process and we contracted a yearly agreement based on her recommendations, including price and all the details. Her professionalism has been impeccable throughout the entire year and a half partnership. Not only was the entire staff helpful, but Tina was especially helpful, orienting us for all the utilities, as well as guided us in meeting contacts which assisted us establishing our energy healing business. Her kindness went beyond the call of duty, when we decided to search for a permanent home to purchase. There was never a moment or issue she is not available for the customer, and the owner. As there were opportunities with the property at times, she was a magnificent mediator making certain all parties were in agreement and everything went smoothly. Tina and her staff work very hard to insure all concerns are handled professionally and efficiently. Allyn M., Tenant

My recommendation is the result of having purchased an unfurnished home in the Village of Oak Creek (VOC) Sedona, Arizona, then hiring Sedona Elite Properties to find a tenant, coordinate a lease, and manage the property. A qualified tenant was quickly found and a 1 year lease signed, after which I received a monthly wire transfer and monthly wire transfer of funds and a monthly financial statement describing the income and expenses. Additionally, a yearend summary financial statement made for easy completion of federal and state tax returns. It all went great, then after 2 years my wife and I elected to not renew the lease, and live in the house ourselves. Good communication between Sedona Elite Properties and the tenant, and between Sedona Elite Properties and the owner, made for a smooth transition. Peter S., Owner

I have been working with Tina Nelson for over 2 years. She has been absolutely wonderful! If you want to find a rental property in Sedona - Tina Nelson at Elite Properties is the one to see! Her knowledge of Sedona properties is unsurpassed. She responds quickly to all phone calls and has rapidly found the right people to handle maintenance issues, even when I have been out of town, which is especially appreciated. When I overpaid a cleaning fee on my first rental property with Tina. After tallying the bills she discovered I had over paid and she refunded the money immediately. Tina Nelson is fantastic!!! Tina's standard of client services is exceptional and I feel very blessed to have found her. Charlotte A., Tenant

My husband and I have been clients of Sedona Elite for years - ever since we purchased our first property in Sedona. Throughout the years, Tina and her staff have been nothing less than stellar in their professionalism and skill in property management! Whenever we have a question, concern or problem, we contact Sedona Elite and it is proptly taken care of. I know we have other choices in property managament, but there is no other company that we would consider. Tina is absolutely the best and worth every penny! Nadine K., Owner

I have rented several vacation homes in Sedona and have had an extraordinary positive experience with Sedona Elite Properties. The house that I rented, not only was it as described in the website, but upon arrival, it was even better than I had expected. Elite provided all the services that were necessary and all of the people at Elite that I dealt with were extremely responsive in the initial renting process and through my month stay. I do not hesitate to recommend anyone looking for a vacation rental home to deal with Sedona Elite Properties. Alan S, Tenant

I have worked closely with Sedona Elite Properties since the company began and have always enjoyed my contact with them, personally & professionally. They are a top notch property management company and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone in the greater Sedona area. I have known their creator and owner, Tina Snelling-Nelson, for many years and cherish my working relationship with her -- I find her to be clear-headed, cheerful, professional and a joy to work with. Veet Pathen Owner -- Bee in the Garden Landscape Maintenance Company


I am a long-time owner and part-time resident of Sedona. My Sedona home is managed by Ms. Tina Nelson, owner of SEDONA ELITE PROPERTIES. Before selecting a property rental agent, I did considerable research to find an agent with a good local reputation. This is my fifth year with Tina Nelson, and I am satisfied with every aspect of the day-to-day management. The staff of SEDONA ELITE PROPERTIES is fully aware of all aspects of each rental. As an absentee owner, I need to know I can fully trust my rental agent to take care of the various maintenance issues and to carefully screen each vacationing tenant. Good management is the ability to take care of the details...all of the details. So, if you are looking to rent your Sedona property, or looking for a property to rent, I strongly suggest you contact Ms. Tina Nelson at SEDONA ELITE PROPERTIES. If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call. When I was looking for a local rental agent, a lot of people shared their opinions with me, and I'm more than willing to share mine with you. Ridge, Owner


My wife and I have leased a large home for the last two years through Sedona Elite Properties and Tina Nelson. As one can gather from the other glowing reviews, Tina and her staff are the epitome of warm, efficient and professional. As much as we have enjoyed our home, there have been multiple issues regarding heating/cooling, exterior paint and even the lack of a paved driveway. Sedona Elite expeditiously handled all of our requests with their own, hand-picked repair personnel. Everything was handled to our satisfaction. Prior to our recent trip to Europe, we asked the homeowner, via Sedona Elite, if he would consider paving our gravel driveway. When we returned home last week, we had a brand new paved drive! Prior to Sedona Elite, we leased a million-dollar home with another major property mgmt company in Sedona for two years - - hands down, Sedona Elite is the best property mgmt company in Sedona! Brian L., Tenant

We have had SEPM as our property manager for two properties--one vacation and one full time rental. They have been our manager for 3 years. We have had an excellent experience with them for the following reasons: prompt service--rented quickly, service problems (e.g. appliances etc) with properties addressed immediately, selective in renting to tenants, and we receive monthly and cumulative property management invoices regularly, with detailed accountings.. Having been a personal manager of my rental properties before, our experience with SEPM has been excellent--we do not feel the stress or burden of being landlords, which has made having a property manager well worth it. Tina and her team are very professional. Linda and Olive, O


My wife and I moved to Sedona last January 16, 2013. We leased a 2000 sq. ft. home in the Village of Oak Creek. Since moving in, we have had the need for a locksmith, having the sprinkler system checked out, the cooling system activated after the winter freeze, and some doors adjusted. Each time I called, Tina Nelson made sure that workers were requested and responded within days. The workers themselves were experienced, well trained, and each and everyone of them were friendly and easy to communicate with. I have had numerous telephone and in-person contacts with Tina and her staff, asking questions about the area as well as the home, and received excellent treatment. During my search for a home, when contemplating a move from Texas, I thought the company website was excellent and informative, and once here, loved the fact that I was able to easily set up autopay on my monthly lease payments. Rick M., Tenant

I am the co-owner of a property in Sedona, AZ. We have been renting this property for several years. Sedona Elite Properties has been renting and managing the property during this time. Tina Nelson and her staff have done a fantastic job maintaining the property. We live in Illinois and know that our home is in good hands, thanks to Sedona Elite Properties. This company is very professional and trustworthy. They handled any issues in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a rental property or for someone to manage your rental property. We are selling our property, so we will no longer need Sedona Elite Properties' services. Thanks to Tina and her crew for doing such an exceptional job managing our property! Gina R., Owner


I have been in the maintenance and Handyman businesses for over 20 years here in Sedona. I have been working with the team at Sedona Elite properties for about 1 year. Tina, Ian, Julie and staff are consummate professionals who truly care about their clients, both owners and renters! Their office is run efficiently and effectively, taking care of their clients properties in a professional and timely manner. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to list a property or rent a property. Cailen D., Handyman Extraordinaire

I have known Tina Nelson for the past five years. She has been my property manager for two different homes here in Sedona. They have both been short term, furnished rentals. She is honest and very hard working, as is her entire staff. When something needs to get done they are right on it and they always keep me well informed. I trust Tina completely to take good care of my home.
She has my confidence in all areas and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and Sedona Elite Properties. Andrea K., Owner

I have been a customer of Sedona Properties for close to 2 years. In that time Tina and her entire team have been professional and courteous in every dealing that I have had with them. Having rented several different vacation rentals for extended periods of time I have found that the standards of cleanliness and overall maintenance of the accommodations has been flawless. As a professional in the hospitality industry I find the level of service from Sedona Elite Properties to be consistently at the 4-5 star level. Whenever we have new management personnel join our organization the only property management company I discuss with new team members is Sedona Elite Properties. I would not hesitate to recommend Sedona Elite Properties to any individual looking for either vacation rental options or a long term unfurnished rental in Sedona. Kevin M., Tenant

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Sedona Elite Properties since Tina Nelson opened the doors. the degree of professionalism and integrity far exceeds what I've experienced elsewhere in the real estate business. If you have a home to rent, or you are looking for a rental, I would highly recommend Sedona Elite Properties. Bob W., Owner


If your renting in Sedona or have a house to rent, this company is on top of it. They have excellent guidelines, professional and great follow through. I would recommend this company and they have some of the best rentals in town. The staff are knowledgeable, accommodating and respond quickly as well as protect the owners properties. Michele M, Tenant and Owner of Sound Bits Grill


We met SEPMI when we bought our place in Cornville, through a recomendation form the real estate agent; we had a very friendly and professional meeting with Tina Nelson, the manager, and we decided to sign with SEPMI to take care of our place and rent it for us: that was in 2008! We have not regreted once (not even for a minute) our professional relationship; our property is taken care of and we have no complains with regards to the management of the renters and/or rentals. We get regular reports with update on expenses and earnings: no flaws there! If I had to do it again with another property, it would be SEPMI! Roger L., Owner


I have rented not one but 2 homes from this company over 3 years. Not only did Tina Nelson find the perfect homes for my husband and myself and our 2 small dogs but owners who kept their word on everything. WE never had to wait for service calls, everything was taken care of for us in rapid time. Her staff was courteous and efficient and we felt we were given white glove service. This is a luxury rental company who behaves as if every tenant and owner are the kings and queens of their domains. We checked out all the competition in town before we chose this company. Tina is also a compassionate person, and we know for a fact has taken care of lower income tenants who were unable to pay their rent. This is the kind of person we like to do business with. We plan on coming back to Sedona again for a vacation property and would never hire anyone else. highly recommend this company

Colette Baron-Reid, Tenant
Best selling author of Remembering the Future, and Messages From Spirit.

I own a construction business in Sedona and have had the opportunity to work with Sedona Elite Properties/Tina Nelson when called upon to repair rentals that they tend to. In each experience I've had working with Sedona Elite, I'm impressed by their professionalism and commitment to their customers-both property owners and renters. I've seen Tina work hard to tend to her customer's needs. She made numerous trips to one home with me to fully understand the problem the house was having and be able to communicate it to her customer and guide his decision on repair. I've seen Tina resolve issues on lease timeframe in which both parties are happy and benefit. Her customers that become my customers are unanimously content with how their property is being managed and are glad that the remodeling or repair issues are being dealt with in a timely and professional manner. When picking up keys at her office or communicating with her staff, I consistently find them organized, professional, and responsive. Gregory V.D. Owner of Dwell Well Remodeling

Sedona Elite is awesome. I am on my second year on a home lease with them. The first year the house I leased had various issues, which was a bit of un-forseen malarkey. Tina, I felt represented these issues fairly and honestly not only to the homeowner but to me as a client. Issues ranged from plumbing, carpets, outdoor insect infestations, heating and cooling. Although the owner a first time client with a property management group was stuck in her own mindset on using her own repair people, Tina gave her that option. However, many attempts made by them for these repairs were never fixed which caused frustration to the homeowner. Tina used her qualified maintenance crew to fix these problem and every time she did it was fixed properly. I'm currently on my second years lease thank God in another one of their homes and it is picture perfect without any problems. Sedona Elite is very worthy and professional in helping both the property owner and the clients in making the correct resolutions. Lahwan P, Tenant

I am a home owner in Sedona and hired the services of Tina Nelson and the Sedona Elite Properties Management, Inc. in 2009. At that time, I was dealing with an unreliable tenant who left the house in disrepair. Tina and her staff took over the situation, made all the arrangements for the repairs and found a reliable tenant in no time. All was done quickly without any effort on my part. From 2009 until now, the house has been rented with very little downtime between tenants and no aggravation on my part whatsoever. Tina takes care of all and keeps me posted as repairs are needed and when she is negotiating a new lease agreement. After a few months working with Tina I gave her carte blanche to make decisions regarding the house since she proved to have the wisdom to take care of all the best way possible for all involved (including the tenants). My tenants have been happy with Tina too. Just one more thing, I was away and mostly incommunicado for some time as I was working as a missionary in India and had not one thought that my property would not be taken care of appropriately. I trusted Tina and the results have been extremely positive. Daniella F., Owner


I have had the pleasure of dealing with Sedona Elite Properties since Tina Nelson opened the doors. the degree of professionalism and integrity far exceeds what I've experienced elsewhere in the real estate business. If you have a home to rent, or you are looking for a rental, I would highly recommend Sedona Elite Properties. Paul C, Drywall Specialist


To the Sedona Elite Team,
I wanted to write and send a "gift of appreciation" for everything you do!
Thank you for delivering quality service to your clients. You're always available and ready
to offer advise and solutions to any questions or problem that needs attention.
As property owners, Randy & I are so please to be working with your company ----
thanks, again!
Randy & Sue A., Owners

I have been providing computer support services to Sedona Elite for almost 6 years and I am constantly amazed at the level of detail and professionalism I witness every time I am in the office. I don't hesitate in recommending Sedona Elite. Ken H., Computer Specialist.


"Hi, Tina -- A sincere THANK YOU to you and your staff for your quick and prudent response to the burst pipe in my casita!!! I am very very grateful to all of you!"

Ruthmary L., Owner

Tina’s professionalism is exemplary and her enthusiasm is contagious. She certainly performs all of her promises. I was in real estate and can tell you she knows her business. She rented our house quicker than we thought and we have wonderful tenants. We highly recommend her."

Cary and Dana D., Owners

"Sedona Elite provided me with very professional service relative to the leasing and management of a home that we purchased in Sedona. You provided excellent advice during the course of the lease negotiations and closely monitored the rental tenancy thereby insuring that I maximized my income.

You also provided a prompt and hands on management of any maintenance issues as they arose. I was always consulted relative to any expenditure and you have a stable of quality contractors who are capable of dealing with various problems.

You provided me with accurate financial reports and sent me the rental proceeds on time.

Perhaps best of all, the Sedona Elite team of yourself and your assistant was always friendly and eager to please. You always tried to go the extra mile in providing me with service.

I have been extremely pleased with your service and I would be happy to discuss my experience with any prospective client."

Brent B., Owner

"Many thanks for your good service over the years. You have been very professional and reliable. If we put another house on the rental market in Sedona, we will certainly think of you first. Best wishes for success."

Ambassador Donald J. McConnell, Owner

" Your promptness astounds me and you are always consistent. Bravo to everyone at SEPMI!"

Heartfelt Thanks - Jan. F., Tenant

" I have owned property in a number of states and dealt with many different Real Estate/Property Management Company's, but have never experienced the level of "personalized service", given by Tina Nelson and Sedona Elite Properties. We purchased our home in Sedona last year as a retirement home, but due to reversals in the financial markets we have to postpone our move for 3-5 years. Tina found an excellent couple to rent our home and assisted us with obtaining a moving company and storage company . She has also taken great care of our tenants when the air-conditioner need to be repaired and then replaced. I highly recommend her and her company."

Tony C. & Deborah W., Owners

"We are extremely pleased with the level of service and expertise. We are dependant on the staff exclusively to manage our Sedona property and the experience has been exceptional. Tina and her staff have put our minds at ease! We are greatly appreciative of their hard work."

Brad and Prescilla C., Owners

Having Sedona Elite Properties with Tina Nelson at the helm managing my properties has been great!

Tina is always very gracious & gets the job done. Wonderful communication & updates. And, Tina is a wiz at handling any issues that may arise.

Thank you for your all of your terrific service over the past three years.

Rocky & Delisa, Owners

"I just want to say "thank you" to you and your staff at Sedona Elite Property Management. You have done an outstanding job managing my dad’s house in Sedona over the years. You folks are consistently the best managers we have every experienced, each and every year, across the various properties we own.

Thank you for your ongoing hard work, honesty, service and success."

Paul B., Owner

"I just wanted to thank you for providing the comprehensive inspection report. We really appreciate the time Sedona Elite took to take pictures and write down model numbers of the appliances at our rental. Oh, and my CPA thanks you as well for providing the detailed, itemized end-of-the-year statement that answers all of her questions.

As owners who don’t seem to visit Sedona as much as we would like, we also appreciate you keeping us up-to-date on any construction in the area."

Vicki and Mike M., Owners

As an absentee Sedona property owner, Tina and her entire staff at Sedona Elite Properties have been absolutely invaluable in helping me manage my rental house in Oak Creek Village for the past three years. From tenant qualifying and placement, to rent collection, accounting, property management and maintenance, Sedona Elite is always professional, communicative, and knowledgeable. I’ve always felt that Tina and her staff treat my property as though it was theirs and I wouldn’t hesitate to give Sedona Elite Properties my highest recommendation to anyone in the area who may be looking for the types of services Tina provides. In my opinion, you cannot do better than working with Sedona Elite to take great care of your Sedona property investment."

John S., Owner

"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and hope to return next year.  We would be interested in renting again from you.  Thank you for making our vacation so enjoyable."
Mary and Pat B., Tenants

"We choose to go with Sedona Elite Properties Management Inc. after being referred to them by our house realtor.

We have not been disappointed; they have done a very good job in managing our property, quiet important given that we live in Canada and have neither the time nor resources to properly manage the house that we rent in Sedona.

Tina – owner/broker, along with her staff, have a strong sense of what works well in this area and have seized every opportunity to rent the property at the best possible price. All advertising and tenant screening was taken care of by Tina. This amounted to worry free property ownership with a positive cash flow. She has also provided us with much needed advice and assistance in solving various property rental/management issues and always respond very fast for any request we have.

Tina is more than a property manager, we count her as a friend."

Sincerely - Barbara and Zygmunt, Owners

I am an out-of-state owner.  I can attest to Tina’s expertise and dedication to her profession, as I have relied on her way beyond what is customarily considered "property management".  Her knowledge of area comps, the local economy, preventive maintenance, home inspection and skilled resources in the home repair business have provided a solid revenue stream from my investment and future retirement home here in Sedona."
Sandra L., Owner

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