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Sedona Elite Properties represents personalized quality service. As a full service real estate brokerage we are very committed to allowing you to capitalize on the benefits of your investment through dedicated management of your property.

Signing our Contract

We ask that you sign a 1 year contract and supply us with a $250.00 repair fund. Should either party wish to terminate the contract they may do so with a 30 day written notice.

We Evaluate the Property to be Rented

We first go out and inspect the property. We want to view all of the home's amenities, take pictures and develop a marketing strategy for prospective tenants. If we feel that any additional items need special attention or repair, we will supply you with a punch list. Upon agreement those items will be remedied and we move into action.


We showcase your property on our website with vivid pictures and a narrative description. The website is updated daily. This allows us to market your property to not only local residents, but to all who wish to relocate or vacation in beautiful Sedona from anywhere in the world. Our commercial is advertised on the Sedona Now television channel which runs in all hotels and is our major local channel highlighting Sedona activities and business. We advertise weekly in the local paper, the "Red Rock News" on the front page of Friday's "Scene" as well as in Essentials Magazine which is available in all our luxury hotels. Three map guides; the "GPS Ranger" and map at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Map Guide & Directory of Sedona Sites and Street Map & Road Guide Sedona.  We are active members of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. We network with numerous agents in our Real Estate community. Often these agents will refer a client looking for a rental property to us and we provide a referral fee.

Qualifying the Prospective Tenant

We ask the prospective tenant to fill out a credit application; we obtain a copy of their DL and then run a credit check, eviction check, and criminal history check.

First Month's Rent

Is due 90 days prior to arrival.

Security Deposit

We ask for a security deposit starting at $1,000.00 - $2,000.00 dependent of the homes amenities and square footage at the time of accepting and booking the reservation.

Cleaning Fee

There is a non-refundable cleaning deposit also based on square footage which ranges from $300.00 and up

Pet Deposit

Should the home owner permit pets there is a refundable pet deposit of $500.00 per pet and a non-refundable pet fee of $150.00 per pet.


We include the utility costs with the monthly rental amount and only charge you a management fee on the rental amount. We strongly encourage all owners to abide by this policy. We have found that tenants booking vacation rentals do want to have to face an unknown additional surcharge for utilities.

Cancellation Period (Days Prior to Arrival)

Should a tenant decide to cancel their reservation we ask for written notice. The cancellation fee is split 50/50 between SEP and the home owner. Our graduated cancellation policy is as follows:

90 days or more                      0%

89 - 60 days                          25% of all funds

59 - 30 days                          50% of all funds

29 days or less                   100% of all funds

Form of Payment

We accept cash, checks, money orders, cashiers check, and most major credit cards.

Check In - Access and Entry

We provide a secure lockbox on the front door of your home with a key inside. All other keys and garage door openers are located inside the property. The security code is changed frequently. We have found this to be the simplest and most convenient for the tenant as they are checking in after hours, on the weekends or a holiday.

Emergency Phone Number

Every tenant is given Owner/Broker of Sedona Elite Properties SEPM cell phone number should they have any emergencies. This streamlines communication.

Move-In Report

We ask each tenant to fill out a "move-in report" and to make any notations that are either "wear or tear" that need attention. 

Maintenance and Repairs

Should the tenant encounter any type of problem we ask them to contact us immediately. We have a list of professionals that can remedy the situation. We charge the professional's fee for labor and materials or as noted on the invoice - we DO NOT markup the service, these charges will be reflected on your next month's property reports.

Check- Out

The tenant simply leaves the key in the lockbox and we already have scheduled our professional house cleaner to inventory the contents of the home and clean the home accordingly.

Vacant Management Inspections

Once a month we inspect vacant properties interior and exterior.  As part of our service there is NO separate fee that you will incur.

Monthly Report

We make every effort to pay our owners by the 12th of the month and send monthly reports to you by the 15th of month.

Registering Property

All properties must be registered with the applicable county as a rental property. 

Year End Reports

We will mail your 1099 Misc. Form by January 31st and provide you a year-end report of all activity for your property.


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